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Hello all



When you used the site internal links it is working find. but when you press homepage link on top left hand site of the menu "Shop by Category"


Google brings up message saying site is not safe to use But didn't do it every time use the site

anyway of fixing this problem

The site is using must up to day cubecart software 

any idea's why this is happening 




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Google chrome has started to penailise sites which uses logins if thay are not utilising HTTPS.

Although i've not experineced this, I have seen messages in webmaster tools informing of such.

I see that you don't use https, so maybe this is your problem ??



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I've looked a few times and connot see that you are using https


If I try to connect via https, i see the following.


directhomeware.com uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for the following names: s422.sureserver.com, www.s422.sureserver.com




do you have https configured in store settings, but don't have a certificate ??

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  <ul id="menu" class="accordion">
    <li><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php" title="{$LANG.navigation.homepage}">{$LANG.navigation.homepage}</a></li>


    <li class="li-nav"><a href="{$URL.certificates}" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}">{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li>
    {if $CTRL_SALE}
    <!--<li class="li-nav"><a href="{$URL.saleitems}" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}">{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li>-->

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Until someone can help who knows what the problem is -  this is a quick fix. Change the store url line to hardcode:

<li><a href="http://directhomeware.com/index.php" title="{$LANG.navigation.homepage}">{$LANG.navigation.homepage}</a></li>

Be sure to clear all CC cache except images, as well as your browser cache.

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