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Add Products Sold column to Sales Report

Claudia M

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Hi, I changed the code as mentionned 'march 13, 2018' and using CC 6.5.0-b3

I do see the new filter 'Product Code', but whatever I introduce in the field, it doesn't work.  The 'date range' filter and the 'order status' filter do work.  

how can this be?  

can somebody help me out ?  thank you so much !!!!


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By hovering the mouse cursor over the posted date shown in the comment of the forum, the browser will show the specific web address of that comment -- notably, the comment number.

So, are you referring to comment #232217, or comment #232255?

I have not looked at CC650Beta closely. It seems to me that the edits should work. On the other hand, I will attach the plugin to an email if you would PM with an email address.


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