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Printing invoice after payment


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Hi all,

First of all, I am loving CubeCart. I have used many cart programs and I find this one easy to use and setup... for the most part. I am still working out a few issues.

Currently is when I print the invoice after making the payment, the Print window opens with our logo and an empty rectangle box. No invoice info. This happens on a Win 7 Pro and a IOS Ipad.

Any ideas?



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After making a successful payment, the URL should be:


And on this page is the icon to print a receipt.

Do you get anything different if the customer view their Order History, chooses a recent order, and clicks the Print Invoice icon? The URL for that (and order complete) would be:


So, since both events use the same template, if you get different results, we will start looking at the differences. If you get the same results, we will start looking at the common code.

Have you edited the content.receipt.php template file?

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