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Have info one 1 line in checkout - medium - up

Claudia M

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This is driving me nuts!!  I am redoing the layout of my checkout pages and on content/medium-up I want the word Quantity and the box with the qty in it all on one line.  I can't get it to do it!!

Here is my code.  The last line I want on a line by itself under the product codeCH-Qty.PNG.f40d738e6eeca5e49562a947639b994e.PNGCH-Qty.PNG.f40d738e6eeca5e49562a947639b994e.PNG:

            <td class="text-center"><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php?_a=basket&remove-item={$hash}"><svg class="icon icon-trash-o"><use xlink:href="#icon-trash-o"></use></svg></a></td>
            <td width="90">
               <a href="{$item.link}" class="th" title="{$item.name}"><img src="{$item.image}" alt="{$item.name}"></a></td>
               <td colspan="2">
               <div><a class="txt" href="{$item.link}">{$item.name}</a> {if !empty($item.product_code)} - {$item.product_code}{/if}</div>
            <div class="txt"> Quantity: <input name="quan[{$hash}]" type="quantity" value="{$item.quantity}" maxlength="6" class="quantity checkout" {$QUAN_READ_ONLY}></div>

Thanks in advance for any and all help,



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That did it Brian.  Thank you.  Now I think I'll style it a little better. Well, in the morning.

By the way, you said to edit line 150 in cubecart.css.  I was under the impression that it wasn't a good idea to change any of the .css files that come with Foundation.  I've been putting all my changes to these files in a new (for now working.css) .css file. Is this the correct way?

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