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HI All,

         I have a client that sells work boots which come in various sizes and colours, the colours and one size is not a bother as far as the options are concerned, the problem arrises when we have different sizes for the same shoe but depending on what the customer is use, that is US shoe size, Euro shoe siz or UK/Aus shoe size. Is there a way that all the different shoe sizes for UK/aua, Euro and US can be shown as an option with the colour required but only one type of shoe size can be selected. The size and colour must be selected. I have been able to setup the single colour and the single shoe size by using only one shoe size type, but I would like to see all of the shoe size type but only allow selection of one type, has there been anybody done this and if so can you please help me.

Best Regards,



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I see this as a non-variable, that is, the size expressions do not make for a different shoe.

I would try to express the shoe sizes as a series of values joined by slashes: 9.5/13/22, with a blurb in the product description explaining what these numbers mean.


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