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United States Postal Service (USPS)

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This advisory message is a general (badly worded) message that says none of the enabled shipping modules returned a shipping method.

In the case of USPS, a new user must apply for access to the USPS online Rate Request API.



The USPS module will send the origination and destination zip codes, and the weight of the package to USPS. Then, USPS sends back all possible shipping methods and the associated costs.

The module then filters out all shipping methods that the store owner has not selected as a method the owner is willing to use. The resulting methods are then shown to the customer to choose.

For example: from the 10-12 Flat Rate and First Class shipping possibilities the USPS says it can ship a box, while the methods selected in the module is only Ground and the various Flat Rate Box methods, the common methods are only the Flat Rate boxes and that is what will be shown to the customer.


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hi all!

    anyone have a fix for the USPS extention for the new "ground advantage" option?  My customers are no longer offered first class mail due to this new ground advantage option.  How can I make this available to them please?


 Mike B

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I am currently making an attempt to setup the USPS Shipping Module Extension.

I have been going through the process of enrolling with USPS.

Below is a reply from the enrollment process.

I have replied and have indicated CubeCart as the third-party software provider but have not had a response back from them yet.

Question: Is there any plan to update the USPS extension to support the new USPS API Platform? an How soon will that be?




To sign up as a new USPS API customer, please go to https://developer.usps.com/ and follow the Getting Started instructions. If you are using a third-party software provider and have been asked to obtain a Web Tools UserID, please reply and let us know the name of the software.

Once Signed in, the APIs should be self-service and there is also a contact email (in the Getting Started Instructions and API Catalog) to the team that manages those APIs if you need any further assistance. We are planning on retiring Web Tools in 2024 and are only approving Web Tools API access on a limited basis. Please use the new USPS API platform unless you are using a third-party software provider which necessitates a Web Tools USERID, in which case, let us know the name of the third-party software provider.

Thank you,

Michael Asihene

USPS API Functional Team

Visit us at: www.usps.com/webtools




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