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invisible recptcha not working


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I have recaptcha2 working just fine (it has never given a problem) but invisible recaptcha isn't working.

The little reCAPTCHA icon appears at the botom right of the screen, but after a wait, an error message says "Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again."

The outgoing firewall permits connections to www.google.com www.google.co.uk uploads.google.com www.gstatic.com, but maybe it tries to connect to somewhere else?

Any ideas?

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Yes, it is all signed up for and set up for invisible reCAPTCHA (though that doesn't seem to stop v2 working)

It uses the latest CC but not the Foundation theme.

As far as I can make out, all the correct reCAPTCHA bits are in place. It is almost working. Just the failure to connect (which is pretty findamental!)

It is at https://www.rosecottage.org.uk/shop

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My own skin. And I think it was all done because I did it. However, it is possible that I missed some component.

The fact that it works with v2 and it nearly works with Invisible, just giving an "unable to contact" error made me wonder if the outbound firewall needs an extra destination opened.

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OK then I would suggest rechecking the various commits for that issue to check you added everything correctly and if you are certain it was all done OK, then there could be another cause although I can’t see how a firewall would be blocking it.  Foundation works perfectly across multiple sites / hosting servers and I recently added it to two of our skins and those are working on multiple client’s sites as well

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