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order duplicated by mistake


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Hi All,

          I have just been made aware of an issue where if a customer places an order and selects credit card capture but does not enter any credit card details and then closes the browser the order is written with credit card capture as the gateway used and of course no details, if the customer goes back into the order process the original order is still there and the checkout process is done again irrespective of the payment gateway used cubecart writes another order with another payment gateway, in this case they did the same thing that is no credit card details and then closed the browser.

So what we ended up with was 2 orders in the system that show credit card capture was selected as a payment gate way and no details, what I'm saying that there was no change to the order so it should not have written the second order.

Is this that is addressed in the setup and I have missed it or can we either stop the user from exiting the browser at the payment stage or don't write the order if the browser is exited via pressing the 'X'

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction to solve this issue

Thankyou for your help

Best Regards,



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the same thing would happen if they refreshed the page at certain segments of the checkout process, it creates multiple unpaid orders.

It's kind of the way the process is designed, I'm not sure there is a quick fix for it.

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