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Stock Level does not change

Claudia M

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I added this to  the post: stock quantities dont change By JoshuaH, May 17 in Technical Support but I think I want to make it a new post with more clarification.

I run 6.2.0 and sold something that I originally had a stock level of 4. It was late and I just saw the emails, didn’t go into admin to see details. This morning I was setting up an account for the customer and noticed that my admin shows 3 in stock which is correct since I sold one BUT the store website says I still have 4 in stock! After reading the above post, I went back to admin and clicked the gray cache button and it changed to 3 in stock.  Are we going to have to remember to click the cache button everytime we get an order? What if we are away from the computer like I was when the order is placed and someone places another order for the entire wrong amount of stock?

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