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Fuzzy Time?

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What is Fuzzy Time? (Admin>Store Settings>Advanced tab)

When/where is it used?

I'm hoping it can be made to show month, day, year without time. But it may be that it is used somewhere that needs to be left alone.

Is there a specific term that displays m/d/y on a storefront page  instead of Date&Time Format?

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Thanks for that - never have known what that is. And that won't do what I would like to do.

You helped me some time ago with how to add to the homepage listings the time a product was added.

Added  {formatTime(strtotime($product.updated))}

But I'm in the midst of testing everything prior to upgrading to 6.2.1 and this is something I'd like to improve on if possible. It works ok as is on 6.2.1. But to me it looks kind of odd to have the time showing - m/d/y would be sufficient.

Is there a different code that would do that?

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