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Security concern


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Hello everybody,

During last two weeks, my on-line store, based on 6.1.7 version, constantly receive a requests for non-existing pages like /h/4261262.html  The regions, where requests are generated, are not typical for my audience - Africa and Latin America.

I checked my site from outside - attempts to reach this page cause 404 errors. I checked my hosting space by file manager and didn't find anything suspicious.

Do you have any ideas about nature of these requests?

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Firstly, upgrade. there are many security issues fixed with the latest versions. 6.1.7 (in my opinion) is not secure.

next, check where the traffic is coming from, review your web analytics. sounds like a bot is spamming your site, but analytics may give insight into where they got their links from.

Probably not a major concern and just spam bots, but worth digging deeper just in case. :)


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