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Evening all, 

Was wondering if anyone knows what "product tabs" relates to in content.product.php (see example below) as i can't seem to find anything in the admin panel which would relate to it so can't test my new layout.

{foreach from=$PRODUCT_TABS_CONTENTS item=product_tab_content}
	{if isset($product_tab_content.content_id) && isset($product_tab_content.content)}



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The PRODUCT_TABS_TITLES and PRODUCT_TABS_CONTENTS are arrays that are populated by hooks, usually the hook in the Catalogue->displayProduct method.

When viewing a product of the storefront, there are three established tabs: Product Information, Specification, and Quantity Discounts.

Each TAB has a corresponding CONTENT panel.

Other hooks in admin will add tabs and content panels to collect whatever additional data would be related to the product.

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