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Enhanced Customer Authentication for payment gateways

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On 14th September 2019, a new European regulatory requirement called enhanced customer authentication (SCA) will incorporate two-step authentication for many Internet payments in Europe as a mandatory requirement and unauthenticated payments will be rejected by your customers' banks.

Most payment gateways have already or will shortly be releasing changes to their API's but this will mean that all payment gateway modules will need to be updated in order to continue processing payments in Europe

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Interestingly, SagePay are the first ones that I have seen that say current 3D Secure (3DSv1) will be a valid method of authentication until the end of 2020 when the new 3DSv2 will be mandatory


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On 9/9/2019 at 7:57 PM, boost2 said:

Does the delay to this mean that current gateway versions are still OK to run for another 18 months(ish)? - Thanks for keeping us up to date Al by the way! 

Just wondering how much this affects gateways that are at the moment not updated?


Not necessarily - even though the obligation has been relaxed in the UK this does not necessarily apply to all countries in the EU plus many card providers are still going ahead with the implementation from the original date - you need to look at it on a case by case basis and then also take a judgement based on where your customers are coming from and what bank / country their cards are from they will be paying from 

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cheers havenswift.  I have the cardsave module plugged in and was just watching updates on this. All sales are UK.

For Cubecart Al put some extensions that were allready ready, and i notice that includes some payment modules that haven't necessarily required any code updates - so i'm not sure if some like worldpay/cardsave that just use the redirect/pay page method will just handle the extra step anyway or not.




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