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Bulk Price Question

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Cube Cart 6.2.5 windows 10

I am trying to do a bulk price change by category.

I am in the bulk price change tab. 

Bulk price change by category.  Picked my categories


I have put a 110% multiplier in (I want a 10 percent price increase)

Nothing is happening.  Cache is also not showing any changes.

What am I doing incorrectly? 

I see noodleman has a app for this, but if it is built in.  Do I need that?

Thank you in advance.

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Before you make ANY change using a bulk utility, take a database backup. this is in case it goes wrong and you need to rollback the changes. I've seen it happen countless times.. please backup! 

You may not need the module I offer, it's there for a very specific purpose. 

I've not checked into this feature for you as I am pushed for time at the moment, just wanted to share a warning about the backup to potentially save you a headache later. 



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Sorry for the poor explanation, the page refreshes when I hit the save button.  It states that the prices have been adjusted accordingly.  But the cache doesn't highlight and the price does not change.


Thank you

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"The price does not change..."

As seen in admin? (Admin does not use the cache, so prices seen here are very fresh, direct from the database - assuming the database did get updated.)

As seen on the storefront? An unlit "Clear Cache" button is interesting.

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An orange button is "lit".

Assigning options to products does not affect its base price as seen in admin.

However, on the Bulk Price Change screen, the admin can select what is essentially all possible price determinants.

I am running tests.

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I have found several errors in the admin file /sources/products.assign.inc.php, but this change should be the actual fix:

Near line 42, find:

} elseif(ctype_digit($_POST['category'])) {
    if ($category_products = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category_index', array('DISTINCT' => 'product_id'), array('cat_id' => (int)$_POST['category']))) {

Change to:

} elseif (ctype_digit($_POST['category']) || array_map('ctype_digit', $_POST['category'])) {
    if ($category_products = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category_index', array('DISTINCT' => 'product_id'), array('cat_id' => /* #2328 (int) */ $_POST['category']))) {


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If the choice of what to apply the change to includes the product options, then prices for the targeted products found referenced in the database table CubeCart_option_assign will be changed. This is the standard CubeCart table that holds the price (and weight) differentials and absolutes.

There will be no changes made elsewhere that are controlled by any plugins that affect the behavior of option pricing.

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