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Problem With Images ..


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     just upgrading a store from V4.

This store has arround 2,000 images in filemanager.

The store's administrators have over the years put their images in various folders (eg. 2017 Chrismas Images, 2017 Other Images,  etc. ), whats happening or should I say 'not happening'   is that images in some folders are not being being migrated.

I can see that in filemanager the images are there but two anomolies appear to have occurred -

1) In admin/filemanager the directory names no longer contain spaces but instead have an underscore (eg. 2017_Chrismas_Images), whereas in the filemanager DB table (CubeCart_filemanager) the directory names are present with a space (eg. 2017 Chrismas Images).

2) In table CubeCart_Image_index those files do not appear (ie. during the migration it is not populated  because filemanager cannot find the files?) ..

My plan is to run the migration again but firstly to rename all of the folders with underscores instead of spaces, and to also edit the the  CubeCart_filemanager to include underscores in its directory names .. This way the CubeCart_Image_index should be populated (at the moment its not populated ) ...

I would appretiate your thoughts on this as there is more than one store to upgrade (or maybe theres a different reason ?) ..

Thanks,  Chris.






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Sounds expected. the upgrade from v4 will rename images to make them more URL friendly, so spaces are replaced with underscores etc.  If you have any direct linked images in descriptions they will need to be revised.

You may find that after the upgrade, going to the "File Manager" in the admin area shows a 500 error. if it does, keep refreshing until it goes away. it will take a while to build the image cache, and the error means it timed our doing a "batch" of images. should be a one time thing after upgrade unless you clear the image cache manually.

CubeCart_image_index should be populated, if it is not, within file managed use the tab to re-scan the files after upgrade.


Images should be moved to the /images/source/ directory by the upgrade, you may also still have an "uploads" directory.

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      just ran the test again on a UNIX server and windows server (no server timeout messages on either) but  same result on both ..

V6 CubeCart -

1) Filepath in new Cubecart_Filemanager =  "perfume bottles/" <- Space is important and possibly incorrect ...

2) Actual image source directory following upgrade in V6 Cubecart = ''perfume bottles" <- Space is important and possibly incorrect ...

3) The strange part (in filemanager the directory names appear with underscores), therefore when creating the image index and updating the cache during an upgrade the image index is not created 

for products using directories which include an a space.

What I'm looking for is a solution otherwise will need to manually reinsert over 1000 images in at least 2 stores .. I might just change the original store backup and SQL unless there is a simpler solution. 




Many Thanks, Chris.



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Ok, MY problem is as stated - Image directories were being renamed in filemanager but the changes did not occur in the database & the actual directories were also not renamed , which prevents population of the image index during upgrade. The only way to solve that was to re-associate images with products - A big job if you have a lot of products or images.

This was the solution - Tested successfully but not guaranteed, there's bound to be a few caveats ().

Run it from your store's root directory (worked for me but no guarantees ) - Attached -




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