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Define category as root of the shop ?

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My shop is structured like:

/  (Home)
        |_Red apples
        |_Green apples
    |_Button mushrooms

Currently, only one of the top-level categories is populated and published (e.g. "Fruits"), and consequently, there is only one entry in the main horizontal menu "Fruits".
(I'm using the default "foundation" template.)

I would like the shop products root (= the root category) being set to the "Fruits" category, so that the menu and thumbnails display "Apples", "Bananas", "Oranges" and "Pears" until I have put some products in other top-level categories.

One solution would be to temporarily move "Vegetables", and "Mushrooms" categories as children of an unpublished node, and move "Apples", "Bananas", (...) one level up.

Just wondering if there is a way to set root of the shop to some category.
I had a look at the store settings but could not find any setting for this.


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Considering there is no actual  "Home" category, that leaves Fruits, Vegetables, and Mushrooms as "Top Level Categories" (TLC) which have no parents (cat_parent_id = 0).

(In admin, Categories, when editing a category, the choice of Parent Category being "/", this is not really an accurate way of expressing this.)

I think, in this case, unchecking "Status" for all current TLC's, then changing the Parent Category of the four affected categories, that should suffice.

You say this will be temporary, so developing a more permanent and global solution wouldn't be practical.

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