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Lifting weight limit on orders


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Just been asked to rectify this:


Apparently there is a weight limit on orders. Some guy said the site made him take items out of his order because it weighed too much to ship. This doesn't seem right. I can split up a shipment into two boxes if I have to. I also have some pretty large boxes. There should be no limit on how much anyone can buy. 

The site is using only "All In One Shipping" and I do not see any weight limits specified. Could there be a setting elsewhere I am not aware of?

There are no weights specified per product, either.

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This statement is misleading.

On the one hand, if none of the commercial carriers (installed modules) will offer a rate for all the parameters given (weight, size, destination, whatever) in its response when the module(s) makes its rate request, then there are no suitable shipping methods. In effort to be helpful, the message also includes the proposition (without having any sort of corroborating evidence) that a possible cause is that the weight is too great. Well, that's BS.

The actual reason is that the shipping modules are expecting weights. Shipping a DVD will have some weight to it.

However, as you said, you are using the AIOS module. That module does not log why it accepted or rejected an order for shipping. It would be nice if it did.

Suffice it to say, there was something about that order that AIOS found objectionable -- Country not in Enabled list, is in Disabled list, something.

So, review the AIOS settings, Zones, and Rates for the Zone relative to the order.

You may need to (briefly) enable Verbose Debug mode on AIOS, which will display a rather lengthy report on the checkout page what it did and did not like about trying to find a suitable shipping method.

Again, the "No shipping methods found" message, the part about "weight" is BS.

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Thanks, it would be good to fix this, but at the moment the site has a huge sale on so I can't enable debug mode etc.

We're also confused about zones etc. Is there a guide for setting these up correctly?

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