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Reading an earlier closed topic it says that 3 emails are supposed to generate when a customer places an order.

I do get one that a customer placed an order but the customer doesn't get the email even though the email log says it did. When i hit resend it does end up at the customer.



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The (subject) Order Confirmation is the customer's email.

The (subject) New Order is the admin's email.

So, the images above, having the same date/time, is one of them the resend? (If so, then the programmer's will need to enhance this log a bit to indicate which is the original and which is the resend. Or adjust the date/time.)

Which one is not in the GMail account? (I suppose the Order Confirmation. The New Order should be sent to sales.)

I've not seen CubeCart log a successful send if it (more accurately, the PHPMailer, a rock-steady library) really didn't.

So, somewhere along the path from the store to the customer's email account, the email got borked. If so, a non-delivery report (NDR) should be generated and sent back to the sender. Does mysurplus.ca have an actual email account where you can look for any bounce messages?

I took the liberty of looking at a third-party diagnostic tool's results of mysurplus.ca:

I don't know enough about MX records to advise you on what the tests show.

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Yes the 1 is the original and the other one is the one that was resent.

I believe it was the top one that was not in the gmail account.

I am not getting an error message from my server about any bounced emails.

As a matter of fact now i did a few orders this morning and the email log shows emails sent to me at sales but it shows no email sent to the customer and non were received so i can't even resend them.

I had my outgoing set to 587 as specified by my host and i changed it to 25  and i still get the order confirmation at sales but the customer is getting no email and the email log doesn't have a listing for it either.

Also now when i go to secure checkout and select the paypal method the sign in window for Paypal shows up for a couple of seconds and disappears.


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Focusing on the email, please know that the customer does not get an email until the order goes to Processing. (There is a specific exception for the Print Order Form module.)

The store has a setting to send an email to the administration when an order goes to Pending or Processing.

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I have it set like this so why would it not send the email when the order is pending ? Really regardless of the order being pending or being processed shouldn't make a difference whether the customer gets the notification. If i am away for say the weekend and can't change it to processing until then, the customer won't get the order placed email which i find a little disturbing. 

Also "Order status for admin email notifications" is a little ambiguous , what exactly does that mean ?  

Does it mean the email to the administration or the customer ? I am assuming to the customer but assuming can get a person in a lot of trouble.


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The store owner may wish to know if an order has been placed but not yet paid for. If the store owner's notice from the payment processor isn't immediately following, the store owner may want to contact the customer to learn why the order wasn't transacted (abandoned, insufficient funds, whatever).

On the other hand, the store owner may not be concerned if an order did not transact (as yet or if at all), and is only concerned about being notified by email when there is an order to ship.

(For some stores, this choice may be moot as there are staff checking CubeCart's admin for orders every hour.)

Typically, the customer is still at the computer, at the payment screen, making the payment transaction, when CubeCart put the order at Pending and sent the customer to the payment processor to make payment. For the customer to get an email from the store at that same moment when making payment could be seen as being redundant and possibly overkill. (Your business processes may be different.) (Note: the Print Order Form module itself offers to email the customer for the exact reason that payment isn't being transacted immediately at checkout.)

It is the

What is being observed is that the customer (at least one) is not receiving CubeCart's Order Confirmation email (at least the first one). The log says there was no problem sending it.

I wonder what the following test will show: In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, there is a Test (for Email) button. Click this button and immediately dismiss the popup window. Do this two more times in rapid succession.

This experiment is to determine if there is any kind of throttling in place with respect to the email computer that CubeCart is talking to (the Outgoing SMTP server if the Sending Method is SMTP).

If you don't get three test emails all within a few seconds of each other, that's a good clue.

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