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Email from shop stopped working

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This wont be anything to do with the upgrade but almost certainly, the SMTP password will be wrong.  This is something we come across a lot with our clients - browsers are auto filling a saved password (almost certainly the admin login password you have saved) when you are editing the Store Settings. If all other settings look correct and clicking "Test" fails,  clear the password field and enter the correct password, click Save and then Test and almost certainly it will validate OK.

The only solution is to disable the auto fill feature in the browser and also dont save passwords in the browser (this is insecure anyway) and use a Password Manager such as the brilliant and free LastPass


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As an experiment, please disable the Registration Email Manager plugin. This is just to confirm that this plugin is or is not causing any effects on the emailing system.

However, the TEST should not be subject to any kind of interference.

Also, from CC607 to CC629, there has been some changes to the admin.js file. Please keep in mind that the browser will keep and use a cached copy of admin.js - probably the older one if you haven't forced your browser to reload page resources (usually CTRL-F5). I have seen this happen even though there is a querystring (but it's not a proper key/value pair) on admin.js that is supposed to stop browsers from reading from its cache.

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Disabled the plugin, same result.  test still on "invalid address (to).  Reloaded the page in the browser, no luck.

I'm getting a big red warning on the contact page.




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