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Australian States and Territories.


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Good morning,

I have a customer who lives in the "Austalian Capital Territory, called ACT. The region is within the state of New South Wales. Australia Post calls the region Canberra instead of ACT. whatever I dont mind.

When any customer gets to the checkout they can add their address and choose from the drop down box the state they live in.

In the shipping refine estimate the same drop down box appears, however there is no Canberra or ACT, even though I have both listed in AIOS.


Any suggestions on what to do?

Where to add the state "ACT" please?

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The country/state(county) list comes from CubeCart's management of Countries/Zones.

In admin, Countries/Zones, Zones tab, verify that where the Country is Australia, that "Australian Capitol Territory" is present and enabled.

On the Add Zone tab, you can add this, if necessary, as well as "Canberra" (if desired, and that if it has a unique Zone Abbreviation, possibly CBR but that is for the airport).

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