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On my site https://enterprisinggifts.co.uk/ I have a custom section, in which, like user to be able to select a style i.e lamp shade type, light box etc... and then the user can browse to a photo on their machine or get it from google photos, facebook etc.. where the photo and the user contact details can be emailed to get a price quote for the order and if they want to proceed it will take them to a payment section. How would I go about doing this?

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The contact details would be with the Customer Profile. Is anything else needed?

The image can be attached to an email sent to the store address, the URL to the image entered in a text-entry field product option, or the store could install thi:

I am not sure there exists a "Negotiate the price of this product" plugin, but when the customer begins to checkout, if the process stops there, CubeCart has an order in the Pending state that the admin can adjust. The customer then views his Order History and proceeds to make payment. (I have not actually worked through this process.)

There is also:

which may be a solution for you..

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