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Prices disappeared from shop


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Strange one - all the prices for my items in the shop have reset to zero & the same on all orders on the admin side - for items & shipping.   The dashboard graph still shows the monthly totals on mouseover & the statistics yearly/monthly/weekly/daily figures are still there as are the figures in the Sales reports.

Prices still show in Product Inventory in the ACP

I'm pretty sure it happened as I closed my store.  I have to close for 2 weeks.  I printed off the last order & immediately set the store to closed.   The prices on that last order have printed but now show as zero with all other orders.  Although shipping has zero' out the prices are still in the all in one shipping add-on.  Reopening the store, clearing cache, logging out/in have not helped.  

Is there a way to retrieve the prices please?   I'm going to be laid up post surgery shortly & hadn't planned on spending the time trying to figure out & reentering all the pricing again!   

I've database backups but I'm not well versed on the subject.






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Please verify that the values are still present in the database. It would seem to be so as the graph is using valid values.

CubeCart uses a function in the Tax class to construct a converted, formatted string that takes the real number and then shows it in the currency desired with appropriate currency symbols.

If the table that holds the currency conversion rates and symbols were somehow corrupted, then that might explain why all the displayed values show as a naked zero.

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