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Adding content to product description


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My testing suggests the most easiest way is to copy/paste one cell of the spreadsheet at a time.

I use LibreOffice Calc, and selected/copied a range of cells to the clipboard. Then, I pasted (CTRL-V) the clipboard into the editor provided for the product description when editing a product in CubeCart.

The result was an image of the selected text.

I then pasted the clipboard using Paste-as-Plain-Text (CTRL-SHFT-V) into the description box which resulted in real text but separated by   entities to simulate tabs. Which may a solution that works for you.

If your spreadsheet allows for copying to the clipboard a range of cells pre-formatted as an HTML <table> structure, that could be a time saver when pasting in using the editor's Source mode.

(My browser is FireFox 93, and when trying to use the editor toolbar button Paste-from-Word, I got a warning saying my browser could not use this button.)

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Thanks for that insight :)

I too use Librecalc.

I did find you can save your entire spreadsheet as HTML using the save as file function.

That will save it as a table. Then edit as needed in notepad ++ or whatever and paste the code in source mode. This worked pretty well, but I did notice in the description editor the table looked really nice, but on the site it was not the same. I suppose this has to do with how my browser displays the page. I do you updated firefox.


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The differences in the <table> appearance is due to the editor not being aware of the store's skin's CSS rule-set.

Considering that CubeCart has a number of "skins", each with its own javascript, CSS, and image attributes, it would be a complicated solution to have the editor be told which skin's attributes the editor is to apply -- if the editor could be configured to do such a thing anyway.

So, the editor is less of a "what-you-see is what you get", but more of a "what-you-mean is what you get".


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