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CubeCart with POS - Synchronised Inventory

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I just wanted to put feelers out concerning a Point Of Sale systems for CubeCart.

Would any merchants reading this be interested in a new POS system for CubeCart that synchronises product inventory between the two?

Do any merchants reading this have such a system already and if so can you let us know how your provider is and the scope of its functionality?

Any other feedback?




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I sync our inventory via a series of CSVs, which I run once or twice a day by hand.

It's actually a rather convoluted process, where I import into a label printing software (to generate postage labels for delivery agents like Royal Mail, DPD etc). I then export from there into our warehouse management/ PoS system once they have been processed. So inventory is updated and VAT invoices are generated and logged.

I was trying to cut out the middleman of OSOP but I had a lot of drama with Amazon mostly adding on vat when it feels like it and getting the warehouse management system to play ball with Royal Mail, they had already solved that I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel. Cubecart was relatively easy using the order exporter that Bsmither helped me with (by help I mean wrote for me).

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