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Best sellers prices not showing when customer logged in and hide prices and disable checkout enabled


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Hi All,

I have checked the 'hide prices' and the "disable checkout" and have a store that shows product but no prices which is what I want for an unregistered customer however if that customer registers then the best sellers still do not show the prices it shows $x.xx all other prices are shown correctly. What I would like to see is the best seller prices shown as well as the other products prices as normal only when the customer is registered and login customer. If somebody could point in the right direction as to what changes I need to do it would be very appreciated or if there is a plugin or extension that does this

Best Regards,


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Please make this edit:

In the file /classes/gui.class.php, near line 1221, find:

private function _displayPopularProducts()

About nine lines after, find:

$vars = $GLOBALS['cache']->read($cache_id);

Change to:

$vars = false; // $vars = $GLOBALS['cache']->read($cache_id);


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