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Language and Currency redirect.


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Google search console, regarding indexing, has picked up a redirect which does not make sense to me.

Under settings/ languages, I have set English UK. No other language is used.

However Google picks up this string.


I read this as using Spanish language and Japanese currency.

Has anyone else seen this?

I also see 


occasionally too.

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Does Google mention when these URLs were indexed?

My guess would be that some time before you removed the ability for CubeCart to allow for the customer to choose a language and/or currency, Google scanned your site.

However, CubeCart should have sent a 302 Redirect with a link that had the set_currency and/or set_language stripped off. Thus, Google should never have indexed those links anyway.

For Google to have both is very strange.


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Hi Brian,

Google says last crawled

on Nov 27, 2022.

When I click on the link I get


and therefore the set_currency is stripped off, but not the language.

I can not find anything indexed in sitemaps or site:www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop with language or currency.

But, I find this on Google Search Console Google says these pages are pages with redirects. I ask why do they show up at all. Possibly indexed years ago and still lurking on the ether.


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