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Is there a way of using main.stream.php in the product categories instead of after purchase.

I'm selling audio files and synth presets, but want the customer to be able to play a demo of what's inside the pack before they purchase by clicking on, either, the product image or a 'Listen' button and then the audio player show as a dropdown.

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I am aware of a Karaoke store that uses MediaElement:


Sample page (uses Blueprint skin - no longer available in CubeCart's Marketplace):


It is my opinion that the main.stream.php template is too substantial to be used to play demo snippets.

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Thanks @bsmither

I find main.stream.php is in the wrong place to be honest, with a choice of download or listen after purchase. I was hoping there was a way of utilising the page before by triggering it in the pre-purchase side, or being able to add a media player in the product content. I wanted to avoid using an iframe in the product description if that's possible?

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Regarding the sample page mentioned earlier - I don't see that implementation as an iframe. From what I see, it's a javascript-powered enhancement wrapper around a standard HTML 5 <audio> tag.



CubeCart, being a general-purpose, but (thankfully) not full of bloat, ecommerce solution, thus relies on specific-purpose features to be implemented by the store owner.

Which, actually, from my point of view, streamable purchased downloads is outside this general-purpose arena. So, maybe it was implemented to fit the paradigm of mobile devices? Just my uninformed opinion.

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