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Stop customer buying the same product again


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I'm selling digital music downloads and I need a feature that tells the customer if they've already purchased an item.

If trying to buy a track it tells the customer in the basket something like "You've already purchased {item_name}" and/or "Are you sure you wish to continue?" like with a used once promo code

Is this possible?

If not, I think this would be a great feature as over time, if you have a lot of downloads, it's easy to forget what you've already purchased without trawling through your downloads list

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Interesting. I am sure it can be done.

Do you allow non-account-holding customers (aka, Ghost customers) to make purchases? If so, that might throw a few obstacles into the mix as CubeCart won't know who the customer is until going through checkout (and submitting an email address).


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Hi @bsmither,

The store is offline at the moment while testing. But before it goes live, I only want registered customers only, but all I can see in store settings is Hide prices until logged in, but I still want prices shown. Is there an extra setting for this?

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There is no direct setting that will show prices, but prevent ghost customers from making purchases.

However, by using Catalogue Mode plus a Code Snippet, a solution can be found.

Catalogue Mode (admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Disable Checkout") removes the ability for anyone to actually make a purchase.

The Code Snippet will switch off Catalogue Mode when a customer logs in for that logged-in customer.

In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippet tab, click Add Snippet.
A form will be presented:
Enabled: checked
Unique ID: NotCatMode4LoggedIn@cc640+
Execution Order: 99
Description: Switches off Catalogue Mode for that logged-in user.
Trigger: class.user.load.user
Version: 1.0
Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57901-registration-to-be-approved/
/* Uses the hook 'class.user.load.user' located in code that
 * runs when a user gets logged in.
 * In admin, enable Catalogue Mode.
 * These statements will disable catalogue mode and have
 * the templates resume normal behavior for this user.
 $GLOBALS['config']->merge('config', 'catalogue_mode', false);
 $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('CATALOGUE_MODE', false);


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