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Still having checkout problems


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Still having checkout problems and it's costing me sales.

Have had a lot of orders left in the pending state over the last few weeks, where customers are unable to pay, yet other orders are going through ok..

Customers are reporting on our FB:

"I can see the stamps online, I can put them in my basket but payment will not process and the screen just goes completely blank. If I go onto your site again, they are still there in the basket and the payment will not process again. Is there a problem with your end as I have purchased on other sites today? There is a little note which comes up saying waiting for region 1 google analytics"

"Having problems paying as went from your instagram link to your website and for some reason my basket doesn’t show up when I then go in to your website the usual way! The stuff is jumping out of my basket so hoping you can help"

"been trying to checkout on your website but it's not letting me, is there a problem as would like the stamps before they sell out. thanks"

"Tried to order three times now, but every time I try to go to the checkout page it says the website can't handle the request at this time! 😢 Can you help, please"

CC 6.4.5

PHP Version 7.4.33

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If you can live without Google Analytics for a month, try removing your GA code from Store Settings, Features tab, (at the bottom) Tracking ID. Then have CubeCart clear its internal cache. This will prevent the GA javascript from being part of the web pages sent out to your visitors.


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Had a good clear out of all caches etc and so far they now seem to be coming through ok.

TBH I haven't bothered to look at GA for such a long time, I know where most of my customer base is and what they are looking for and want so taylor my site for that.

I still ned to implement those changes to Cburst you sent me but still recovering from knee op.

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