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passing information to the cart (basket)


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I now have a new quest. my idea is this. I want to create a product with a starting price of $0. Then in the description I will have instructions how to use the "product", and a button to start using it. The button when pressed will open a pop up window. The code for this window will be a separate file in the file system somewhere. (if there is an appropriate place please tell me). The pop up will do some stuff, but for this discussion lets assume there is simply an input text box for how much you want to pay. When you hit submit, the value is magically passed back to the product page and maybe a description. The new price would then be reflected in the price so that when you hit the add to cart button it adds the new price from the popup instead of $0.

Added bonus if I can pass a string back from the popup and have that display in the description.

One idea I had for that was if I can use the input box for a product option and somehow pass the description to that input box?

The actual goal is to be able to configure a custom quote dynamically and in real time then get that value to the cart along with what the custom things are.

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I couldn't think of a way of using the capabilities already present in CubeCart.

Also, the processes described seems a bit scarce. That is to say, if there are several approaches to a solution, the solution that initially gets developed may be totally inadequate when more of the desired processes are announced.

Initially, I wanted to make an option where the customer could choose from a list of valid price offers (50, 75, 100, etc), and a text entry box for additional comments. But then you want the additional comments to appear in the product's description? And then what happens to the product's description?

So, if you could provide more details and the rational for what would be absolutely required. (A popup to collect data? Why?

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I agree it is scarce. My first goal was to learn how to pass a custom price to the basket. If I could do that, then I could code a page that would generate custom quotes and allow them to be added to the basket. To simplify testing I was thinking the "page" could just have a input box to capture a value. Then if I could pass that back then I would have the necessary way to get custom dynamic pricing for a product.

the ultimate goal is to allow the customer to enter any number of custom length parts. The price will be based on this. The description would be a coded string that I can parse to get all the data needed to create the parts quoted.

I thought a popup type page so it would not really be embedded in CC maybe. I am sure I can figure out a work around for the description if It can't be saved with the basket entry.

I did try to play around with using options for getting lengths. I tried to assign a value per mm option. Then I was hoping if I used a textbox for the option it might multiply the entered number by the value to get the total. But as you likely expect that did not work.

A typical frame that we sell will have 12 - 20 different frame pieces. These may have several different lengths. and among the lengths they will have different hole placement.

I am trying to provide a way for customers to get an instant quote and place the order if they want for whatever they dream up.

Product options will work to allow people to purchase some qty of pre-defined lengths. That has value for me and I will likely add that in the very near future.

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