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There is no legitimate way to do this.

During setup, CubeCart looks at the language file definitions.xml, 'navigation' group, "seo_path_*" strings, and populates the database table CubeCart_seo_urls with records for the search, certificates, contact, register, recover, and login URLs. Also, certain redirects are created so that, for example, 'register.html' will bounce the browser to 'register'. (This is for a work-around for skins with hard-coded URLs.)

However, another redirect can be created. In admin, Redirects & 404's, Redirects tab, the top row of the table allows to add a redirect from, for example:
Page: Contact Us
Redirect from: get-in-touch.html

The web address "example.com/get-in-touch.html" can be used out on the inter-webs, and when CubeCart gets this, will bounce the browser to "example.com/contact-us".


Sorry, you are asking for SEO Titles? That might be customizable in the Language Editor. Let me find it.

Nope. Not there.

The Contact Form allows to set a Meta Title.

I thought a mod had been created to add meta data to these pages, but I cannot find it.

Would you be interested in testing one?

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