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Hi All,

I have client who hasĀ  a range of clothing which is using the color size matrix capability of cubecart very successfully, however he has an issue where a product doesn't have all of the colors for selected sizes. It seems that every color will have all of the sizes available.

Is there an extension or has somebody modified the matrix capability that will allow the user to select whether a color with the size is available or not available for customer selection.

An example of this is a product comes in sizes 3XS through to 3XL and have colors red, black white, yellow however sizes XS through to S can only be sold with colors white and yellow all other colors are not available for these sizes.

Any suggestions will appreciated

Best Regards,


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Unfortunately, core CubeCart functionality does not pre-determine what combinations are out of stock. The latest I know, CubeCart will only advise the customer that the selected combo is out of stock when the "Add to Basket" button is pushed.

The Option Matrix table allows for discreet product codes, stock levels, and other details.

As far what CubeCart does not do, (in my opinion) is because combining option groups does not scale well - so don't try.

That is, color (6), size (6), scent (4), texture (3), shape (6) gets a combo table that is 2,592 rows long.

However, there is this plugin:


It hasn't been updated recently, so be sure that the publisher can provide an encoded version that matches your PHP environment.

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