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does anyone know about eMagicOne store manager


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I have no personal knowledge of this business or principal.

Doing a Business Records search shows the business has existed for a number of years, and the principal is involved with several LLCs, in the arena of web development.

I recall there being a third-party "store manager" for CubeCart3 (maybe it was for CC4) back in the day, possibly from a company called MagneticOne (a Ukrainian company with an office in Texas). They built an application (and variations thereof) that extracted data from a source (CRM, eCommerce, whatever) and delivered that data to a destination (some other CRM, eCommerce, whatever).

MagneticOne started doing a lot of other stuff, and so split off the (desktop) Windows App section to eMagicOne (re: 'Company History of MagneticOne').

(The moderator may want to move this thread to "General Discussion.")

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Anything can be done. Just depends how far away one needs to get away from keeping the stock CubeCart code untouched.

Then there is Sales Reports. Plugins can be written to get whatever info you need.

You phrase the task as 'export the order'. Does that mean you need to provide specific details about one specific order at a time to import into some other data analysis tool?

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I would love to be able to select orders from Processing orders, then maybe have in the dropdown for what to do, an entry to export order details.

The details would need to be order number, name, products ordered as it shows up when you open the order.

This can be a CSV file, or anything else if something is easier.

I have a "todo" spread sheet in google docs with all current orders and what is needed. Keep in mind I am manufacturing most stuff so this is not a simple go pull the stock and box it issue.

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You mention "select [specific?] orders"? Which might be only those most recent orders for that day or past 2-3 days? At most those orders made after your last data extraction?

Modules written for the Sales Report page can extract data on a 'whole day' basis.

If you would be interested in testing one already written, please send a PM with your email address.

Then again, I see the value in having among the choices in the drop-down selector, on the admin, Orders page, the new choice of "Extract to CSV".

I am going to do that -- see what it looks like.

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