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Can not log in to admin after upgrade

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Hello all, I have looked at all the various threads on this topic but have not found a solution.

I have upgraded to latest cube cart 6.5 from around 5.6 or so.

The website opens but with lots of broken links - 404 - Page Not Found

The admin log in page opens but it does not recognise my username/ password combination - it just refreshes back to same log in page.

I asked my host A2 and they suggested I follow Al Brookbanks instructions for resetting in database.

I did this but I has not altered what happens when I try to log in. (as below)

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

If this is likely to be beyond my capabilities (I have no coding skills) I am willing to pay for help.

Best regards,


Expand Requery Edit Database : sterli11_a2db Queried time : 11:2:0
UPDATE `CubeCart_admin_users` SET `password` = MD5('MD5'), `salt` = '', `new_password` = '0' WHERE `CubeCart_admin_users`.`admin_id` = 1;


I also tried the password recovery

I clicked the link which opens the log in with validation key, but when i enter a new password and submit it says I have entered the wrong validation key or email address.

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Please verify the actual version of PHP your site is using.

CubeCart 6.5.3 must run under PHP 7.4 or later - preferably PHP 8.2.

If PHP 7.3 or less, CubeCart should halt immediately and issue a notice about the PHP version.


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Hello Mr bsmither, thank you for your response.

I am assuming that the new CubeCart 6.5.3 installed but I do not know or if it only partially installed.

The server info is given as

  • cpsrvd
  • Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 8.1.27
  • PHP extension: mysqli Documentation curl Documentation mbstring Documentation
  • PHP version: 8.1.27
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Ok, that's all good.

Coming from CC5, you may be used to using /admin/index.php. This is no longer valid.

You say you get the admin login screen, so you must be using /admin_aBcDeF.php. The hash is random characters.

May we have a web address to explore?


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The web server responds with indications that the web server is Apache, and PHP is 7.4.33.

Please visit your site's control panel (Cpanel?) and use its File Explorer to view the files and folders of your site, and also the contents of ".htaccess".

There are some statements that must be present concerning the rewrite engine.

Then, you need to have your hosting provider make sure that the virtual host file for your site has enabled the mod_rewrite module, and that there is a statement that gives permission for directives in ".htaccess" to overrule directives in the virtual host file.


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Please become familiar with the File Explorer in your CPanel control panel.

There will be a folder named 'public_html' (or maybe 'doc_root'). That should be where the CubeCart code is at.

Take note if there are more than one folder that starts with admin, and/or more than one script file that starts with admin.


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