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Customer payment when payment fails.


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My customer had a payment stopped by his bank. I think it was for possible fraud maybe. Any way now his order shows as pending, but there is no way for him to pay for it that we can see. His basket is empty and no payment button on the pending order. How do we make this available to pay? Or does he need to hit the reorder button?

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As I see the code, the offer to 'Make Payment' happens when the customer never even tried to make payment before.

As such, (maybe?) when an admin creates an order for a customer, that order (might?) have a 'Make Payment' option.

But, an order stuck at Pending from a failed (fraudulent) transaction will not have that option.

I believe 'Reorder' should work.


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Reorder did in fact work, But seems maybe this should be on the wish list?

I also know if I add something to an order for a customer, there is no way for them to pay the difference. Not sure if I make them an entire order, have not tried that. But my opinion is if it does not get in the basket, it will never get paid for?

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