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Need some help if possible

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I need help in a few things is there a mod that van be done for reward points and also the free forever live chat  software that works fine  and I would like to see a mod that has customers also purchased this  feature . Is this possible  cause I need to make the site better I use to be cubecart back in 2006 I started selling online but back then I had to pay for a license I think it was 69.00 also back then we had a affiliate mod is that still available  for a mod to add . I look at the free mods and it does not show much so I'm reaching out to u on this  the live help feature I would like to get is the proprofs chat they have a one person operaterion that is free it comes with chatbot as well for free for 1 operator that is the one I need so if that is possible to get please let me know thank u 

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The "Customers who bought this also bought…" feature is standard in CubeCart6.

There are live help and affiliate trackers in the Marketplace (I do not know how they work).

ProProfs Chat look interesting.

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Posted (edited)

This feature is standard. The list of found products is sent to the skin template and is displayed during 'View Basket' and 'Checkout' (Foundation has the code to display it, other skins might not).

When preparing for the display of the 'View Basket' and 'Checkout' pages, CubeCart examines the shopping cart's current contents. Then, a database query is made to fetch up to the 30 most recent previous orders that sold any of these products. From that list, up to five are selected to be displayed.

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