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  1. Please follow along with me. Let's look at /classes/gui.class.php, the private function _displayPopularProducts(). At the bottom of the function, near line 1275, a statement assigns the $content from fetching and rendering a template to $POPULAR_PRODUCTS. So we know the code gets executed down to that point. Just above that statement is where all of the products from the query (in the $vars variable) is assigned to $POPULAR. But $POPULAR isn't in the diagnostics popup. That's crazy. If 'POPULAR_PRODUCTS' got assigned something, then 'POPULAR' must have been assigned something, even if it is null or false. Just above that is a hook. And above that, inside the foreach() loop, is a test that skips the product being examined if it does not have an associated category that has its status enabled. What is still disconcerting to me is that the query isn't showing in the grey debug section. It really should be there, because, with the test near line 1240, if there are no $products from the query, none of what we just discussed gets executed. Assuming the query is listed in the grey debug section, but wasn't correctly found, the only thing that could cause problems is: the test for enabled categories assigned to each product being looked at, or there being a hook that empties $vars. In the grey debug section, near the bottom, are there any messages that indicate problems with any of the queries?
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