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  1. Another popular open source cart that brought v4 out recently had also taken PayPal Std out (and a few other things), has found a considerable number of its members have now reverted back to using the earlier v3, which also has a separate branch on Github, where developers have now upgraded it so it will run on PHP 8. Say what you will, but people like to have choices. Interestingly enough, whilst using another cart solution last week and going out to PayPal using Std PayPal on PayPal live site, that also brought up the option to pay later? That certainly not something that has ever shown up on there before. I will contact PayPal myself, to ask why they asking people to agree to an undisclosed partnership 'agreement' when signing up to PayPal Commerce (on any platform), as that just not right. Absolutely no mention of rates, extra charges, changes to seller responsibilities or anything else. Not good.!
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