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  1. I asked Richard to post here as my knowledge in this area is poor. The website already has valid Schema Markup for products with review data.


    I can't see any reason why Google can't show the rating on their listing but does anyone know much about the criteria for this to get it showing?

    No doubt this is a fairly hot topic for all CC merchants.

  2. What changs in the PP commerce extension would make it work for you? Just default option and position? 

    Using commerce will increase conversions as opposed to the old fashioned standard paypal integration. 

  3. Hi Steve,

    PayPal Commerce combines Express Checkout, Card Payments, Alternative Payments and credit options. Really it covers everything so in most cases it makes sense to use as the only payment system in CubeCart. Saying this you can have PayPal Commerce with other payment options but it still will show as default.

    To stop it showing as default you can edit the file modules\plugins\paypal_commerce\hooks\class.cubecart.display_gateways.php and simply change the line below to false.

    What is the particular situation here that required a different default payment solution if you don't mind me asking?

    'default'   => true

    I don't see why we can't add a setting for this to be default or not from the extension settings page to be honest.

  4. Feeling very humble. Thank you on multiple levels. Other skins and extensions have just vanished so I'm hugely grateful firstly for dealing with this so professionally and responsibly. Secondly thanks for such a wonderful contribution to the open source community. I know for sure I can pass on my utmost respect and gratefulness from a significant proportion of CubeCart merchants that may not outwardly share it.

    I'd personally like to wish you all the very best with you new career move in the charity sector. I hope we can keep in touch.

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  5. 3 hours ago, bsmither said:

    From my analysis of the code:

    We can bypass the code in the admin script that checks for this giftcard product_code condition. Then, as long as the giftcard product_code is way out of range than a regular inventory item product_id, for example 999999, you should be safe enough. (Can't really use '0000' even though the inventory table will never have a product_id of 0, CubeCart does use 0 (if I recall correctly) for the admin-entered non-inventory item(s) when editing an order summary.)



    This is 100% correct. CubeCart will think its a standard product if the product code is numeric. 

    If I wrote CubeCart again I would suggest a dropdown menu for product types with values product, service, gift card etc.. 

  6. This API request gets an authentication token which it then uses for all other API requests. The successful result which you have carries the access_token which we can see above. Once called the access token is valid for the value in the expires_in response which is 29369 seconds. This means CubeCart should then be using this token for that period of time before renewing.

    If your store is making this request more often than every 29369 seconds then there has to be a fault in setting/recalling the CubeCart session data. Please refer to the _access_token function of the paypal.class.php file. 

    I would check that the CubeCart_sessions table is not corrupt and that PHP sessions are working properly on the server. 

    Without a deep dive it's impossibly to know what the underlying issue is. Please do also check the error log in the admin control panel and PHP error log. 

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