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  1. Hi, I've purchased this template and been trying to send out email to developer, but keep getting 500 internal server error when clicking the submit button. Guess I'll add the issue on here and hopefully Patrick will see it and respond to me. Hi, I just purchased the cinda template, but so sad that it will not work for me at all. My site has to many Categories, about 30. So when loaded the template, no way to make that work, and also noticed that the popular images come out huge and no way to control that neither, and also on the items descriptions, on the short description column, I get a whole bunch of text similar to the original description, but there's no way to remove that even though that my items don't have short description as well. I was so happy since the only issue with cubecart has been the lack of good presentable templates, so when I saw this one, I went for it. But as mentioned, this template will only work out for people with 3 to 4 Categories on their site, unless there as parent which mine are not and I find no way to do such as you can only parent one Category to each. Is there by any chance that I can make this template work for my site's? I really love the template and would love to make it work if possible. I also purchased the zoho from Patrick which is the one I currently use, but no updates to it ever made and can't be used on the latest v6 with lots of errors, so I purchased this one in hopes to make this one work. I would not had purchased if these issues were noted on the description. So I advise that maybe you should note it, because maybe the'll be people that will have a fuss to loose out on $90 bucks after purchase and won't work for them if they have too many categories, and also these bugs I mentioned. I thank you in advance for your time and concern in this matter! Eddie
  2. How's everyone doing. I just wanted to note this bug on the Square Extension App after latest square API update i assume. I've been up all night trouble shooting this "Expected an integer value" error on the Square Payment Gateway with no luck on a fix. But I did managed to troubleshoot it down to this issue. If you add exactly 5 items to the cart on checkout, checkout fails with the error "Expected an integer value". What is funny and a little crazy if you ask me, is that it would only fail with said error with 5 items in cart only. Any other amount of items that you add besides other than 5, checkout won't fail and order will successfully process with no error., in other words, if you add 1,2,4,6,9,10,15 and etc. No error. I'm running the latest Square build 1.4 extension, and also running the latest API Version on the square developer dashboard 2020-01-22. Would love to know why the above mentioned error will only happen with 5 items in cart, and not with any other amount. If anyone happens to find a fix, i would love to know. this is also a heads up to this bug on the Square Extension that needs to be addressed. Thank you!
  3. Now going to revert the edit on gui.class and verify that the rogue was the issue. No I have no idea, the id on it is as follow: snippetS0Dhe I still have to clean up as there's lots of errors on error log, but as mentioned before. I have so much old stuff and files on server. Imagen files of all types since cubecart existed. and lots of old mods v3 and v4 and v5 that are still trying to make calls. As soon as I seen that snippet and noticed that it says index controller, and since were looking for an index.php error. I went straight to it deactivated it. and that's all it took for the rogue removal. I'm going to check tomorrow thru all my saved crap and see if I can pin point exactly where that snippet is from.
  4. Lol... I found it. On code snippets on admin. There is a snippets by the following: Snippet controller.index 3 As soon as I deactivated it, checked again for rogue, and guess what. No rogue no more no where. Can't believe that is always the most simple things that gets you all the time when over looking lol... That was the problem, also did it on the other site, and bang no rogue either. my god, always where you never look lol.... thank god you mentioned it bsmither, or I would have been still searching lol....
  5. Well I'm going to call it quits for tonight, it's 3:06am my time. I will continue tomorrow. Plus after that edit and now that people can register and checkout. Just noticed there's about 80 orders on one site and 24 on another. So going to package some orders before I get some rest. I be back tomorrow and let you know the out come after I clean all this mess up with rrs feed and snippets. Have a great one, and thanks again buddy!
  6. I think this is the probllem where this mod is still trying to make calls to php I'm going to clean out on server. There's a bunch of crap and php files from old mods and etc. on the cubecart directory. Buy them rss php files are trying to be active as well. There's errors since July on error log
  7. I found all these error logs, this was an old rss mod for rss feeds that the files are still on server
  8. I'll have to revert the gui.class cause on admin, error log blank white page
  9. Lol... got no rogue, just hello world check it out https://themixtapechannel.com/index2.php
  10. Well no, on the admin page no rogue appears, nor when logged in to admin, no rogue at all. so it has to be coming from a php file. I will check the off ssl and plugins, maybe it could be there. who knows, but I'll try and search there as well.
  11. Well that won't be hard to do as I'm my own hoster lol... I also do and provide hosting services. And all the site's and my clients site's are on my hosting platform. But what will I be looking for would be the million dollar question as everything seems to be fine on server part. This only happened after upgrade. Also keep in mind that there is someone else that this is happening too which is on a diffrent server.
  12. Well I left the edit as is for now since it's the only way for it to work. Hopefully this can be fixed on an upgrade or so. I do however want to thank you bsmither because you always happen to save and help me when I most need it. And for that I always appreciate you, and have to say that your the man and savior of alot of people on here. God bless always!
  13. Your right. that makes the correct sense. On evmusicshop, even that I got a page after register with all those rogue characters. The registration did go thru when I refreshed the page, it landed me in the user account panel. With that being said. Again, yes your 100% correct that the rogue characters are the real issue here.
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