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  1. TY for the tips!! I got the two elements resized. Now to tinker with color.
  2. Just updated to CC6.4.2. So far so good! I was using e-Tone green for my website. Over the years a few people have had issues with it so I am thinking of running the foundation base skin, however I need to alter it a little. I am hoping this is something I can do myself with some tinkering and trial and error but do not know what file(s) to edit. #1 the search bar is too big, it takes up 3/4 of the page. I would like it shorter. Either lined up roughly with the Cart text as below or a little shorter. #2. I want my logo to be bigger and fill that left side up more. The logo in the attached the image is not scaled properly HxW and I do not have to have it fill all the way over. But I would like the large image(1170*270) I have to be large and not force reduced to 200x46. Idealy I think just having it maintain it's aspect ratio and come down to the black header bar would be ideal, let it fill to the right however far that ends up being... #3 I would like to change the color of header bar and bottom bar, not set on color yet, need to play with it. Can anyone point me to doing this? I did a quick web search but all the links were 5+yrs old..
  3. I run an extension called "Print Order Form". At checkout it gives me two buttons one for it and one for the paypal checkout I extension I run. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/print-order-form This is what it looks like in foundation checkout.
  4. Thanks for the guidance all! The upgrade to 6.4.2 was easier than I thought. It dropped right in. Now to research editing the foundation skin. I was using E-tone green. But a few users had issues and I like the look of foundation. Just need color change , Logo/search resizing and then changes to cart.
  5. Coming back around to this problem. I limped my way thru holidays. I will be on vacation next week and already "closing" the website while I am gone, so I think that will be the time to attack this problem and get the site updated. The last I checked my host did not offer free backup when I last checked, at least not automatic ones. I will check again tonight if there is a way for me to do it manually. I do not have many products, but the customer information I would very much like to keep so customers can log in and not have to go thru making a new account, passwords etc. What do I need to do to manually backup and then update to the new version with that in mind? I can and will recreate the products manually. I realize I never clarified. I do believe I am on a failed upgrade TO 6.22. Some of my info says 6.22, some says older version. Because off that it as never done anything when I have hit the upgrade button when I saw new versions in my dashboard. Hence wanting to get a new version installed but need to preserve my customer files.
  6. Turns out my host Co changed their packages and removed my ability to do manual backup. I have to pay them for a service to do any backups now. I may just drop them and go to a New Co. There is a 6.4? I am still on 6.2.2, and do not see an option to go to 6.4 anyplace. Customers, products, orders are what I most need to keep. Would it be possible to do a Db Backup (it appears I can backup those at least), then manual upgrade/fresh install to 6.4 and then import the Db information in once the upgrade is complete??
  7. Well it says it is upgraded but it is not, so it will not let me upgrade again, that is the problem. It thinks it is, but it was not completed fully and I am unable to fix it to this point.
  8. I need help with my site. I did an upgrade to 6.2.2, but it appears some parts of the site did not upgrade. I now cannot get promo codes to work among other things, and have had a few people that could not get thru the new customer setup. It was previously mentioned when I was trying to add a feature that the install was not complete. What I would like to do is do a fresh install, but do not want to loose products, customers, skins, logos, layouts, etc. Is there a way to do a fresh install and not lose everything?
  9. This sounds like it may work for my with a similar situation. How has the solution been working for you? Where exactly are you using this code referenced above? Is it part of the Min Order Qty add-on that is altered?
  10. Thanks BSmither, I did try that for a while and eventually gave up. I was looking for the "Your shopping basket" in the code though which is why I did not find what I wanted. I will keep this in mind for later. As a bandaid I went into each product category on my site and manually added the away message to the category description in every one, so that people saw it right away while they were shopping. Probably a smarter was rather than surprise them on checkout.
  11. I want to be able to add text to my checkout/basket pages. I have scoured files looking for the keywords where I want to add the text and have had no luck. Can someone tell me which file would be the one to add text in the location marked on the attached image? I just want flat static text that every single customer will see before they proceed thru checkout.
  12. While I do not have a huge product offering yet, I am constantly needing to manually adjust inventory (walk in sales as well as stock order reception) Is there a way to adjust stock levels easier than having to go into every single product individually and manually change the stock level and then save and go into the next item? I know I am not the only person that places order with thier vendor and gets a bunch of items in at once and needs to update inventory? I get in shipments of approximately 120items at a time on pallet loads, I have the incoming items in spreadsheet form, so if there was a way to import that would be really awesome. Worst case though, Even if it was possible to adjust stock in the base "products" listing page that would be a huge benefit. I would think there has to be some way to at least do lump inventory increase like when people get a large stock order in? Ultimate would be the ability to create and receive PO's, but that is just me being greedy.
  13. HUGE Thank you goes out to Dirty Butter for guiding me thru upgrading this.
  14. Thanks Dirty Butter, while I am no pro, I can work my way thru editing code and will check out your thread!! I was not interested in paying $85US for something that should be std part of any sales system.
  15. Getting ready for holiday season and realizing my storefront is not ready. Cubecart has printable invoices which is fine for a purchaser, but I see nothing about true packing slips? I see people calling the document generated by Cubecart a packing slip when it is actually an order acknowledgement or invoice, technically a packing slip never has any pricing information on it, only the rest of the details of the order. I have added products that will be targeted at people looking for gift ideas. As such I need to be able to print actual packing slips for orders that will be drop-shipping to people other than the purchaser as well so that the receiver does not know the cost of the gift. Is there a way to get both?
  16. Sorry about that. I am running v6.0.12 Is there a way to go directly into a table and fix this like Dirty Butter mentioned? I use options on 2two products at this point, but they are not size, they are flavor. Would deleting all inventory and then doing a import possibly fix it, or would the option tables key off the part number and still link?
  17. I am having an odd error in my Stock warnings. Please see image attached. I have two issues with what it is showing. #1 is that I have qty:3 in stock in my store, but the warning is showing 0 stock #2 is that I do not have a size option for that item (Nor any item in my inventory at this time) so why is it showing 20 and 40#? I did when I made the part number have sizes, but I got removed the size options months ago and when I standardized my inventory. I exported the Cubecart inventory and am not seeing any reference to size or options to remove. If I change my warning level to say 1, then both warnings go away, but how do I stop it from reporting double warnings when I actually get low on something? Almost all of my parts numbers are exhibit this issue. I theoretically have a small enough inventory I could delete everything and just do a re-import, but I worry it will still have the same problem if there is some back side database that is showing size options.
  18. So let me try and layout what I would like to have for my customers on checkout. All my customers are local, the only option they have for shipping is pickup or I will deliver for orders over $299.00 I have All in one shipping setup to handle the shipping options on checkout, at this point. however, If I need to use "all in one" for the payment functionality in some way I can clear it out and handle shipping manually since all customers are local. Now I would like to add payment options. *Cash *Paypal I have downloaded a few paypal gateways, but I have not been able to find a way when they are active to allow "pay on pickup" or cash on delivery option. The customer is forced to pay thru paypal. The same with CC gateways and I do not want to sign up for a CC gateway when I already have paypal to take CC. Thoughts on how to do that? I could envision using all in one to let the customer choose how they wish to pay and not have a payment gateway at all. But then I have to manually send them an invoice and I would rather let them have a clean automated process regardless of how they pay if possible.
  19. Thanks for the reply. My current paypal account is a private one, but as many know they charge~3% for many transactions. So to this point I have been a cash on pickup only operation. I am looking to expand and offer paypal/CC, but wanted to make sure the buyer pays that fee since they are the one requesting the special payment service. So it sounds like I need to raise my price to everyone by 3-5% then offer a 3-4% discount for cash. I will have to look into that and how it will work with my already setup discounts for bulk.
  20. I am curious/hoping that one of the guru's here can help. I run a local customer only business and have payment options I would like to address with my CC6 checkout. A surprising number of my customers like to place the order online even though I am local pickup only, I pretty much run a mostly cash business at this point. I do this to keep my product prices low, why penalize everyone because a few want to use CC/paypal. At the same time I greatly wish to offer my customers any payment option they desire, and a number of them have asked about other options. SO, is there a way to have multiple payment options show? Cash on pickup, CC, paypal, squarecash? And for the CC, paypal and squarecash transactions to automatically add a 3% fee to the order? My business is all by appointment/pickup in store, so I could use the shipping selection area as well if that helps at all. I tried looking at all in one shipping for ideas and just drew a blank as I did not see a way to force the customer to choose CC/paypal if they wanted to pay that way (They could select "cash" and then proceed thru the Paypal portal anyway thus skipping the fee..) Anyone have any ideas?
  21. Hrmm I am not seeing a menu structure matching what you are saying. But I did find templates. Earlier when I posted this the Email Templates link opened a blank page. Now that I updated to PHP5.4 to upgrade CC it is suddenly working and I found the two signatures to change. THANKS ALL!
  22. I skimmed the forums here a bit and saw threads about editing entries in languages, but after skimming thru every language/subsection in my CC installation I do not see anything for changing the signature. I am running CC 6.0.11, hoping to move to .12 in the next few days. Currently every email sent by CubeCart is signed: Kind regards, The Pellet Peddler Staff http://www.pelletpeddler.com I am guessing it is pulling generic data from the store info, but I would like to have my own information in the signature, how can I change that?
  23. Thanks! I contacted my host and they actually have it setup so that I can upgrade myself. I will do a full back up of the site tonight and then hit the upgrade and see how it goes.
  24. RR, Where you able to force upgrade PHP yourself or did you talk to another person at your host and have it done? I am in a similar situation. I tried to upgrade CC when this new version rolled out and it nuked my site. Thankfully had a full backup from my host that I restored and back in running. I have been putting off trying again until I heard more about issues. I just looked and am running PHP 5.2 as well and not sure if my host will upgrade for me or push me to a higher $ plan which seems a common game I have seen.
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