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  1. It's working in Firefox for me. I added product 222 to my basket with no problems. (Using Firefox 18.0.1)
  2. There are too many possible different server configurations to cover every eventuality. In addition, the upgrader is designed to upgrade 'expected' data, and when it comes across unexpected data sometimes it crashes. Note, unexpected data covers data corruptions, invalid characters added by the store owner etc. You're not expected to be an IT professional, however you are expected to have some common sense.... like taking a backup before upgrading, and if you're not so IT savvy have a web developer you can go to for help should the need arrise.
  3. In the upgrades I've done, I've rarely had a problem. There is sometimes an apparent freeze on the browser, but that's just the scripting doing it's job while updating the database. If you don't leave it long enough and do something with the browser, back page or close it, it will cause problems.
  4. The final releases of v4 were pretty secure. I would doubt that v4 would have been the source of the hack unless you were not on the final release. You've not said what version of v4 you were on.
  5. You can install v5 in a sub directory, connecting to it's own database (not the v4 database). You don't have to upgrade to v5, there is no requirement. V4 will be supported via the third-party forum for as long as v4 is popular.
  6. This error can happen when mqSQL crashes. Your hosting company can restart it for you.
  7. Upgrading to the last v4 release would likely solve the current PHP issues if you didn't want to move to v5. It depends on the mods you have installed, and the skin you are using.... v5 skins and mods are not compatible. For v4 assistance and upgrade, you should move th conversation over to cubecartforums.org for third-party help.
  8. Send a sales ticket. Licensing queries are not subject to credits. This has always been the case.
  9. V3 and v4 are no longer publicly available. If you want them you would need to contact them directly through their helpdesk.
  10. Have you submitted a ticket to their helpdesk? The community can't do much about licensing issues.
  11. It means you posted in the wrong section, as the post states Also as mentioned above, this is the wrong site to request third-party mods. If no-one has replied, there may not be a mod for it. Look in the free or commercial forums for a solution.
  12. If you get 'Beyond Compare', you can do a file comparison.
  13. That functionality was never in core CubeCart. This was a mod, and as such this is the wrong forum as this forum is for core product support only. You need to post in CubeCartForums.org, the home of third-party products and services... where there is a solution for you.
  14. It seems you have not considered the third-party forum for the skin upgrade. Shame on you. In any case, moving carts will cost a lot more than what is quoted... unless you stick with shipped skins all the way.... which makes your store look like a million other stores. Incidently, the shipped skins with v5 are FAR better than the shipped skins with v4. KitaBlue is terrible by comparison to Kurouto.
  15. There is an email client with Windows 7. No reason why you can't use that. If you want to change the store email, it's in General Settings. Also remember to change your admin email address. However no need to change those just because you are having problems with your computer! they are completely seperate issues.
  16. It depends on how much investment has already gone into the store design. If all you're using is a shipped skin, then yes. If you've invested in developing a completely unique and custom skin for v4 and want if for v5, then it's a reasonable price. It's all down to how much you value your online image. However, if you are looking for skin upgrades, we have a third-party forum who can offer the same service with more tailored pricing specific to the work involved.
  17. Look in the site documents. There is a selector for homepage.
  18. This one is documented in the CubeCartForums.org documentation. http://cubecartforums.org/docs/CubeCart-v5/customising-cubecart/smarty-skin-breakdown.html
  19. You submitted a ticket on Saturday 8th? and posted again saying no response on Sunday 9th? Can you at least wait till the office is open? Devellion are open Monday to Friday, standard UK office hours.
  20. @generaldogsbody, please post your URL so we can look at the skin.
  21. Robsta

    Version of PHP

    What version of v4 are you using? It may cause a problem, but they can be resolved.
  22. Welcome to CubeCart. The key can be added during or after installation. CubeCart can be downloaded from the control panel, cp.cubecart.com. There is also a link on the homepage of the site to the current download.
  23. The scrolling popular products have been available at CubeCartForums.org since March 2011. That's the place to ask about non-standard features.
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