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  1. @Al Brookbanks sorry I don't have access to github to report. Steps to reproduce:- 1. Go to https://demo.cubecart.com/cc6/admin_5xArPd.php?_g=maintenance (I'm on 6.4.1 but also found the same is also true on the CC demo 6.4.0) 2. select clear error logs (there are a few others that also lead to a blank screen) Note: the logs do clear but the white screen doesn't seem correct behavior.
  2. looking at the compatibility check should the check also have flagged the mysql version? as it needs 5.5+ min and you seem to be running 5.0.12-dev from 2005?
  3. if customer gets this message on the front end (fresh install of latest current version) Then the learn more goes to this link which is dead:- https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/240/45/ Would be better to have a learn more link on the hosted URL rather than link them to the cart software
  4. I've just done an upgrade from a very early v6.1.x to latest 6.2.8 and I found I had this error, I changed the following to cure it:- Store settings > Advance > Time zone and changed the timezone from London/Europe to disabled and the errors stopped. fortunately my server is on the correct time. I wonder if the UTC offset box above will adjust it if the time is out? i have that box blank. list of off sets can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UTC_time_offsets
  5. My work around is once the address is entered go to another tab ie overview is the one I use then click either the "save" or "Save and reload" button then it seems to skip this check quick and easy also found this for registered customers sometimes its missing and this is my work around.
  6. Hi Noodleman, I was just being nosey seeing the colour scheme on the pervious comment and found that when a product was added to basket the ajax worked on the product page I was on but then when I navigated to the basket I had a message that the basket was empty? I'm was using IE 11 just thought I should let you know so you can check/investigate. Ian
  7. I had options for size and colour (two selection boxes), I tried to put them all under one option of size/colour (one selection box) removing the two separate size and colour and created a new combined one such as:- size/colour :- small orange shirt small blue shirt small green shirt medium orange shirt medium blue shirt medium green shirt "What is actually wanted is to hide the option combinations that are out. The "Hide out of stock items" is set to hide any item that has zero stock levels for that item -- meaning there are no items available for any option combination." - I thought that was what the option in the control panel did dashboard>> settings >> Hide out of stock products (Green tick) or does that hide the whole product once all options are zero? Estelle (3rd party mod) had a mod that worked really well on option stock levels for CC4, can something similar be created into the core code for CC5??
  8. If a product has different options and some of the options are zero stock they are still showing in the front office for customers to select. I have many options and currently have low stock on many and customers are guessing what's available and asking me what I actually have in stock or maybe they are giving up and shopping elsewhere. I need a option to hide these out of stock options so customers can only select what's in stock. To replicate On the dashboard>> settings Hide out of stock products is selected (Green tick) Add product options with some out of stock. log out as admin and clear history All possible options are shown in front office.
  9. SOLVED:- I have just worked out you have to make the edit direct in the database. 1. Using phpMyAdmin find table Cubecart_lang_string 2. Find string ID 513 3. click browse tab and click the pencil then add:- %s <%s> wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- this will make the emails work again. Note I have removed the text I wanted and will add a signature. Note:- using the languages edit in the admin will otherwise break it
  10. I see this is an old post however the problem still seems present in the latest 5.2.8. I have just tried to remove the text "This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software" from admin in languages > contact. I'm now received the email formatted as Ben224 stated "joe blogsTestName wrote to [email protected]: --------------- Dept --------------- This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software." I have opened the copy of /languages/definitions.xml using notepad++ and strangely as you scroll down the colouring of the text of the .xml file is nicly colour coded Blue, Red, Purple Orange until you get to line 669 where the file then goes all black indicating to me something is wrong and this it the same line that relates to the email content that was edited " <string name="email_content" introduced="5.0.0"><![CDATA[%s <%s> wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software.]]></string>" try opening the /languages/definitions.xml in notepad++ to see line 669 and onwards it appears to be something with the <%s> and then when you hit the save it then removes the <%s> I have also noticed on my store and the demo store that if you revert the code back using the icon on the right hand side it inserts the <%s> but when you hit save it then removes it again. if this file is saved in the database somewhere, maybe I need to find where its stored and manually add the <%s>??
  11. Hi bsmither, Many thanks for your qucik reply I have managed to get it working successfully with your massive help on my test site. I will now implement it on my live site and hoping it will reduce the spam. your correct with the bots getting smarter and reading the text but i dont have any form of caprure at present so this should help. I have added the steps I took below:- Added owncode between </fieldset> and <div> to lines 192 and 193 open:- skins/mican/templates/content.product.php 191 </fieldset> 192 <img src="capture_image.jpg"> 193 <input type="text" name="code" /> 194 <div> save and close open:- /classes/cubecart.class.php find and replace find lines 2186 to 2189 if ($GLOBALS['config']->get('config','recaptcha') && !$GLOBALS ['session']->isEmpty('error', 'recaptcha')) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setError($GLOBALS['session']->get ('error', 'recaptcha')); $error = true; } replace with:- if (strtolower($_POST['code']) != '1234567') {die('Wrong access code, please use your browsers back button to try again. ');} replace 1234567 with your own code from your capture_image.jpg The only bug is that the capture will still show when a registered customer is logged in. However it will not function when and a registered customer can leave blank, fill randon rubbish and the review will still submit, howver this isnt a problem for me as resgistered customers are unlikly to sumbit spam.
  12. I have tried been trying to figure what happens after the write review is submitted but no joy in locating the process. I'm trying to add my own simple capture to stop spam (I find built in capture hard to read). I have a contact form online which uses the below method and has been online for a few months with no spam, so I'm hoping this may work for my cubecart reviews. I'm no coder so I play about till something works or break's but cant get my head around this issue. The current contact form I want to use the code from works as follows:- I have a standaed HTML page which goes to a .php page when submitted for a thankyou note for the submission and to process a email of the completed form. Im hoping to add the following code in the review page ( from my contact form html page). <img src="capture_image.jpg"> <input type="text" name="code" /> The capture_image.jpg will be have a image of say 12344567 for this example then after the review is submitted im hoping to add the following code in the review processing page. if (strtolower($_POST['code']) != '1234567') {die('Wrong access code, please use your browsers back button to try again. ');} I just cant locate where the review code is processed to play about with this code. I think it works well on my contactform as it seems all my spam is robots and think they get stuck on the blank die page saying to use the back button, I guess the spambots think that they have succeeded and move on at this point. Just hoping I can work this out as the spammers are getting annoying now
  13. AL, I think your deny from all will cause issues printing invoices if you don't allow your own external IP address in the .htaccess file, Reason being is I added the .htacces file to the files folder and when I tried to print an order with the printer icon I wasn't allowed to view the invoice and found the invoice was temporally put in the /files folder where the .htaccess file is not allowing me to view the invoice.
  14. Are digital downloads meant to be secure allowing only the purchased customer to access them? or are they available to download via anybody that knows the link? I have found the latter true. To reproduce 1. upload a file http://demo.cubecart.com/cc5/admin.php?_g=filemanager&mode=digital#upload 2. note the file name and log out of admin delete browser history. 3. Go to http://demo.cubecart.com/cc5/files/name_of_file.ext 4. File opens. Does this means a customer can share a download link, making it insecure to sell digital files or they can have a guess at other files that maybe in the files folder by using sequential numbering?
  15. when cliking on the customers online IP address it always shows your own external IP address and doesn't give any information about the clicked IP address of the customer. http://demo.cubecart.com/cc5/admin.php?_g=statistics#stats_online
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