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Weight of options limited to 2 decimal places


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I checked the structure of the _inventory table in the database, and my product_weight is decimal(10,3), which should mean a total of 10 characters with a maximum of 3 to the right of the decimal.

I tested my 5.1.1 store by changing the weight of an item to use 3 decimals with Display Basket Weight checked, and it worked properly.

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If you can access your database directly, look at table CubeCart_option_assign, column option_weight.

Currently it is set to DECIMAL(10,2). Feel free to change it to DECIMAL(12,4).

If you find it difficult to access your database (with phpMyAdmin, for example), then in admin's Maintenance, Query database (Advanced) (dangerous tool!), enter:

ALTER TABLE `pre_CubeCart_option_assign` MODIFY COLUMN `option_weight` DECIMAL(12,4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.0000';

where pre_ is the table prefix as indicated just below the fat red warning banner.

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Ugh. I sure wish I knew how to help you! If the database is allowing 3 decimal digits, that would appear to mean there's some place in the code that is still set to only allow 2 digits, or needs to explicitly allow 3??? Glad you made a bug report of this. You can't be the only one who needs this!

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You are correct in that CC514 uses a PHP function to "format" a given number into a more human-readable format.

Instead of 4357890.45, the function makes it look like 4,357,890.00 (with options to use the local character for the thousands separator and decimal mark -- not that CC5 makes use of the local characters).

In the file products.index.inc.php, find line 776:

$assign = array('set_enabled' => '1', 'option_price' => number_format(0,2), 'option_stock' => 0, 'option_weight' => number_format(0,2));

Change that to (0,4) or (0,3) as desired.

BUT! If you had saved an option with an option_weight specified, then you should see it in the table. The saving of the data into a database record happens around line 230. And if the database is set to accept three or four decimals, it should take it. Line 776 is involved in showing the databased data in the admin screens.

Just to point out, in cart.class.php, line 721, CC514 will format the display of the total basket weight to three decimal places.

I am not finding any formatting of the weight (or any of the product data) in the skin files, so I think we are good there.

Note: Formatting anything according to the dictates of the skin should be handled by the skin (the view). So, in my opinion, there shouldn't be allowed any truncation/formation of floating-point values in the database (the model) or data collection web forms/processors (the controller). Just my opinion.

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