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Resolved-replace logo image in email templates & print order form

Guest irrimiri

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Guest irrimiri


I was wondering if it is possible to replace the default logo (aka shop header) image for a custom logo image in the following files:

- the email templates

- the print order form invoice (The one you see right after making an order)

- the newsletter template

Currently these files use the default logo of my store which is of course also the same image that is used as a header in my online shop.

But this header is very wide, and I would like to use a smaller and adjusted logo for the email templates, invoices and newsletters.

Also because I could then (for example) add a title to each of my header for each item. (For example: I could use a special 'newsletter' logo for the newsletters and a special 'invoice' logo for the invoices).

Is this possible?

And if so, could someone perhaps tell me what files to look for?

Can it be as easy as changing an image url in a template?

I hope someone can nudge me into the right direction so I can customize my store a bit more :)

Thanks very much in advance!

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Email Templates, Email Templates tab, edit Default Emails, HTML Content tab, right-click on the broken image object and select Image Properties.

For the URL, replace ($DATA.logoURL} with a full URL (http://domain/img.jpg) or a relative path (path/img.jpg). Save. Test.

Do the same for the newsletter template.

These templates are databased as so will survive a code upgrade.

The invoice is at skinsSKIN_NAMEtemplatesprint.receipt.php.

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Hi bsmither, thank you for the reply to this post as I was able to change the logo on my templates. I tried to change the logo for my invoice but I did not have much luck.


I tried to change this area to:



<div id="storeLabel">
Now, I'm not sure if I change the right one.  Please help.
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Got the logo of the invoice for the Order side of admin corrected from admin/skins/default/templates/orders.print.php 


Got the logo of the invoice/receipt for the customer side corrected from skinsSKIN_NAMEtemplatesprint.receipt.php


Thanks for this post really helpful.

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