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Make registration required vs optional at checkout


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Howdy folks...

was trying to find an option for this in the store, but after about 6 months with 5x, we still have only couple of customer issued. I solved the annoying ship-to requirement bug today, but still have one thing ... we NEED to have all customer REQUIRED to register, not option for guest account.


Preumably I could hack the main template to make the checkbox a hidden checked element, and  then they put in their password at checkout to enable the account.


But, we'd like to make that a permanent fix ... no checkbox to "if you wish to create account" ...


meaning, they MUST put in password to checkout and the account is created.


Ran into the issue where sometimes with "guest" checkout the "print invoice" option link we added on final page would not work, so for other reasons as well we need to ALWAYS have the customer registered ... no floaty ghosts in the customer list :-)


Is there a setting for this I have missed (I'm on 5.15 as of today).



(Note: I tried searching forum for this, but after 2 searches with no result, "flood control" came  on and said.. no more for you bunkie...) doh.

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Heh.. yeah, folks need to see what the costs are before they choose to use our service, even though it's all on the pricing page; however, they obviously need to see pricing, perhaps be able to do a quote to get boss approval by adding multiple services ... etc.  -- but then we want  to make sure they register.


I think I will see about hiding that checkbox "do you want to create an account' to be hidden field always checked, but leaving the password fields... in theory this might work.


Will update if I get that to work ! :-)

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Well. FYI, in editing the /skinname/templates/content.checkout.confirm.php

changing the



><input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" class="" 






<input type="hidden" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" class="" 




basically hid both the checkbox and the fieldset for is=account-reg.




So, for moment I put "strong" notice [*required] with the checkbox, and changed the class here to "textbox-required" like the other stuff:



<input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" class="textbox 
required" {$REGISTER_CHECKED} />




So, for the moment best I could come up with in v 5.1.5.


I might be able to do a style with a white color on white backing or some such, but not up to dealing with that right now.


Just updating this for those on hunt for same solution. :-)

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