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Trouble finding CC5 Skins/ Templates


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Hi everyone,


I've spent hours searching for CC5 skins that I can marry to my CC5 backend to no avail.

I've googled CC5 skins/ templates and its really slim pickings and I dont like most of them. Can anyone suggest a site that offers numerous CC5 skins to choose from?

Forgive me if a dumb question, but can a CC4 skin work with CC5 backend? Just asking in case I dont find a suitable CC5 skin and must then use a CC4.


My current backend is CC3 and i want to upgrade to CC5


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Yes. i've checked there and there and one may appeal to me. However, the features of CC5 states that it comes with six (6) 100% Template Driven Skins Included (Smarty Engine). Is there any way i can see what these skins look like before I upgrade?


Do you know of any sites already using them that i can look at?


I'm not looking for a custom creation, just slight modifications to an existing skin

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@bsmither... I checked and still nothing. only thing that appears in lower-right corner are credit card icons. text is now non-english so forgive me if its there and i cant understand it. Please fix so i can see all 6 skins.

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That's probably becasue it is the Crosshatch skin, and the skin selector on that skin is in the upper-right -- if it is switched on.


I have a better suggestion:

Go here: http://www.cubecart.com/demo

You will be given the user/pass to log in to the admin section. Then click Store Settings, Layout tab. Choose Yes to the choice "Allow users to change skin."


Then visit the storefront.


In admin, you can also change the skin on the layout tab as well.

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@ bsmither... clicked the link, see the fidelity hifi site but thats it. There isnt a slection to choose from on the lower-right corner.  Plz help

You can also checkout our CC5 theme that is available in pink, purple, green and blue color. More information is available here: http://modsindex.com/cubecart-skins/cubecart-5/bc-mobile-premium-cubecart-5-theme/prod_11.html

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