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Is there a simple way to implement one standard font face and size for our product pages? I seem to be having a lot of hassle with the text editor system, with different fonts and font sizes all over the place. It seems to take a lot of time to get right, when ideally I'd like to just create each of my product pages in a text editor then copy and paste these into into the store. 


Would I also need to specify positioning of each paragraph too?


I used to hand code my own sites using HTML 3, but things have changed a lot since then...  :blush:

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When you're editing the description click the Source button at the top left of the text editor. That will let you hand code the HTML in the same you did in the past. You can edit any new CSS you require to the CSS templates within the Styles folder/directory of the skin you are using.

If you're only doing one section of description without multiple headings and tables etc you find that editing the CSS to reflect the font sizes you want is all you need without any editing.

Firefox and Firebug are your friends when it comes to sorting this stuff out. You can edit the CSS on the fly to get the effect you want and use Firebug to tell you which line of the CSS to make the changes to.

There's no magic bullet I'm afraid. If you don't want to use the text editor to "hard code" the formatting for each description you have to learn to use CSS and HTML.

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Are you actually typing in your description text, or are you copy-pasting the description from some other "rich-text" source (another web page, a Word document, etc)?


The editor can accept the rich-ness of the text, but then when that richness is run through the existing CSS, the result may very well be mutilated.

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I've played around with creating a hidden template product description with all the paragraph settings, font manipulations, etc., and then cloning it. All I have to do it input the text sections, and it comes out the way I want. Take a look at out dirtybutterestates site to see what I mean.

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Maybe these screenshots will help you see what I've done to create a template product.







On Store Settings/Extra you can set the clone options to suit yourself:



This turns into this product listing look:




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