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Uploading Images - where am i going wrong?

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Can someone please give me a simple step by step guide to uploading images - I rarely seem to get it right!


Initially I always opened up our FTP Software and loaded the already compressed image into images/sources.  It used to then appear in the admin side of the website for use.  Since "upgrading" I've been struggling.  I've tried uploading them through FTP, uploading them through the admin images page and doing both but it rarely seems to work.


What's the duffers guide to uploading an image?





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I never upload manually. I generally upload via the image tab on the product. Click Browse and select the image required. Repeat for up to four files and then click Save. Works everytime without fail for me.


I've also uploaded using the similar process on the File Manager/Images/Upload tab as well. 


Do you have the correct permissions set on the directories on the server?

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Thanks - didn't think of versions etc.


The images are in folders - I will try removing it from there.  They are standard JPEG images.


I'm running v5.1.2 (because I can't get it to upgrade to 5.2.2).  It was a very unreliable upgrade from v3....


Kraken - when I click the image icon and browse it still comes up blank.

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(Hmmmmm again, I'm not able to help, BUT that not being able to upgrade to 5.2.2 is cause for concern. Maybe there's a connection between the two issues. What exactly seemed to be the problem with trying to upgrade to 5.2.2? ISSUE MOVED TO A NEW THREAD.)


And you should be able to tell if folders has anything to do with it by just moving one image out of the folders and seeing if it shows properly in FileManager.

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