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Multi language SEO translation


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Hello all,


I see Cube cart has a feature to add translated version for each language for categories or products.


I want to make my website more SEO friendly in more languages meaning i want to add subdomains and with some cronjobs i can make a perfect SEO website for all available languages in Cube cart admin.


Now here is the problem.


I have more then 10.000 products and i can not simply modifying them one by one to add translations for each language.


I have all languages for all products in excel.


Is there any coder who can make a mod for this? So i can import excel or csv in admin and select which language i want to import?


Let me know if you can and we can discuss the budget.

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The tables CubeCart_inventory_language and CubeCart_category_language are straightforward and are simply used. That is, when showing a product or category, a query is made against these tables and, depending on the language the customer is using, the results of the query against these tables overwrite the data contained in the main record.


So, in your CSV file, have these columns for the inventory_language table:

product_id: #

language: es-ES (standard language identifier)

name: UTF-8 encoded name

description: UTF-8 encoded, stripslashes

seo_meta_title: UTF-8 encoded

seo_meta_description: UTF-8 encoded, striptags

seo_meta_keywords: UTF-8 encoded


where the product_id is the database table record number of that product.


The same is done for the category_language table:

cat_id, language, cat_name, cat_desc, and the three seo columns.


Feed the CSV to the database by using a database utility, such as phpMyAdmin.

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Hello bsmither,


Thank you for your answer!


So in theory it is possible to have more then one language?


I understand your theory and i know how to use phpmyadmin, but i am not really a database administrator so for me it is hard to manage this.


I would like to havew a tool who can import this for me.

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